Project Quest, Inc.

Annual Awards Ceremony

Honoring our community leaders

December 14, 2022
11:00 - 1:00 pm

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Every year Project QUEST highlights their commitment to strengthen San Antonio’s economy through an annual ceremony where we honor our partners, sponsors and participants.

Annual Awards Ceremony: Watch Live!

2021 Awards Ceremony

Here are some of the highlighted statistics from last year’s ceremony:

2021 Program Participants

0 %
0 %
0 %
Single Parents
0 %
African American
0 %
0 %
Former Military

2020 Overall Program Stats

0 %
completion rate
0 %
job placement rate

2021 Distinguished Quester Award Recipient

Jason Thomas, RN

Northeast Methodist Hospital

“I feel like everybody is chosen to do something in life. At times we run from our purpose….I feel like I was blessed to find out what my purpose was early.”

A special thank to all of our partners and sponsors for last years event:

2020 Sponsor Remarks

“As a company and a community member we want our economy, our workforce, individuals and families to thrive now and in the future. That’s why we invest in philanthropy and why from their beginning we’ve invested in Project QUEST. As many of you know QUEST provides education, case management, and employment opportunities in high demand occupations. So that individuals can earn a living wage, strengthen our workforce, strengthen our economy, our families and future generations. We think that kind of investment in people that pays both current and future dividends is the very best kind of investment we could make.”

- Melissa Adams, Senior Vice President & Philanthropic Programs Officer | Frost Bank