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Building the future

Connecting real people to amazing careers.

Skills training program

Since 1992,

Project QUEST has worked to meet the pace of innovation.

Today, we connect San Antonians to emerging careers in healthcare, manufacturing and trades, and information technology. Our nationally-recognized workforce and skills training program has helped thousands find amazing in-demand careers.

Our support means we go the extra mile to ensure program participants reach their goals. With wrap-around services that can include rental assistance, scholarships, job interview prep, funds for tuition and books, and more, our workforce program has one of the highest completion rates in the country. At QUEST, we strengthen the economy and transform lives by preparing individuals for in demand, living-wage careers.

Our success has inspired others.

The Project QUEST workforce model has been replicated in cities across the United States, including in Austin, Houston, Dallas, the Rio Grande Valley, and El Paso, Texas; Monroe, Louisiana; Des Moines, Iowa; and Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.

It has also been replicated in Birmingham, Nottingham, and London, United Kingdom.

QUEST Impact

Project QUEST successes lay the groundwork for your future.

A nine-year study found that our graduates moved out of poverty and into the middle class, earning an average of $46,580 in the final year of the study.
Our program has close to a 90 percent completion rate, one of the highest in the country.
Our success has helped us garner outside investment, including a $1 million grant from the Rockefeller Foundation and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.
QUEST graduates experience sustained income growth, seeing more money in their pocket year over year.
QUEST was found to have a lasting benefit on the local economy, working as an accelerator and helping to keep jobs here.
Every dollar invested in QUEST had a return of more than $19.
It’s projected that QUEST graduates will ‘transfer’ almost $99 million per year in income to their children.
QUEST sets participants on a path to completing postsecondary education, with many graduates continuing on to receive their bachelor or master’s degrees.
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Success Stories

“Through the birth of my first child and as I grappled with financial setbacks, I was able to work with a Project QUEST advisor to stay focused on my goals. Today, I’m a registered nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital and couldn’t have done it without the support of Project QUEST.”

Our History

We’re from here.

Amid hardship, we found a way forward.

Our story begins in the heart of San Antonio with the closure of the Levi Strauss Plant and the Kelly Airforce Base in the early 90s, which displaced thousands of workers. Overnight, families faced stark decisions on how to make rent or pay their bills. Where others saw challenges, we saw a path to the future. Communities Organized for Public Service (COPS) and Metro Alliance met with city and business leaders to help create a workforce and skills training program unlike any other. Realizing that individuals needed both workforce training and, at times, financial or academic support, our unique workforce model was created.

Today we’re helping San Antonio residents transform their lives and find meaningful careers as aircraft mechanics, registered nurses, website developers, and so much more.

Begin your quest

Our impact starts with you.

We know that you have a lot on your plate.

For decades, Project QUEST has been refining a process that starts with you. We’ve helped participants who have recently lost their job or are juggling work and family as single parents.

Whatever your circumstance, we can help.